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  1. I am Steppenwolfe

    See ya...

    I'm out of here boys. It has been my pleasure to converse with all of you, and I wish each of you well. Social media for me is down to some tractor and building forums. Thank you all for having the patience... or persistence in some cases, to put up with me. Take care fella's.
  2. I am Steppenwolfe

    Banned for using MASKED profanity

    Careful guys... I was just banned till 1/20 :eek: over on TBN for using masked profanity; go F*&^ yourself is what I said. I'm sure it was one of the two moderators who do not like my politics... watch yourselves...
  3. I am Steppenwolfe

    See ya later turtle face !

    Dem's take both GA seats... buh bye Mitch.... 🥳🥰🤪
  4. I am Steppenwolfe


    I have been wanting to start this thread for a while. Many times, here and on TBN, we have ventured in to what we believe God is, or isn't. I would prefer we discuss this calmly, rationally, and intellectually. I fancy myself a philosopher, so feel free to speak your mind. Thanks.
  5. I am Steppenwolfe

    Diaper Don

  6. I am Steppenwolfe

    Where's Gussy ???

    Jeez... seems we lost our dear friend, Mr. Gustafson, aka c amel boy. I wonder if it was the election or something we said?
  7. I am Steppenwolfe

    Fair weather Trump supporters

    Much as most of us expected, the fair weather trumpers on TNT have disappeared since Joe Biden hit 306 electoral votes. A very decisive landslide, btw; I do see our misaligned friends still posting on TBN, so we can surmise they have not succumbed to the corona virus. Any theories as to why they...
  8. I am Steppenwolfe

    Ain't this the truth...

  9. I am Steppenwolfe

    Record Deficit. Are you concerned? I remember back in the olden days of Friendly Politics, the resident whack jobs would crucify Obama for his deficits, although inherited from Bush 2 it didn't matter...
  10. I am Steppenwolfe

    Do you have the courage?

    To be honest...
  11. I am Steppenwolfe

    Say What?!?!?!

    Someone please tell me what in the h3ll is a yo sah mite.???
  12. I am Steppenwolfe

    Trump enthusiast has left the building

    Well, it seems our resident Trump enthusiast # Uno, has not been heard from since the reinstatement, (and rightfully so), of yours truly and JB. Has he left the building for good? Perhaps contracted the faux Covid Virus? Maybe just simmering? It seems our input was sorely missed by an...
  13. I am Steppenwolfe

    Hi Guys

    How ya'll been?